2016 Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge

I am moderately disappointed and slightly ashamed to say that I did not reach my goal of reading 40 books in 2015. Although 29 is not awful, I just feel like I let Netflix take the reins last year, but I am hoping to decrease my Netflix watching and get back into my favorite hobby and passion that is reading!

In addition to pledging to read 35 books this year in the 2016 Reading Challenge through Goodreads, I am going to complete The 2016 Reading Challenge from Modern Mrs. Darcy as well.

This list seems extremely straight-forward and I already have a few ideas for what to read for at least half of the requirements. I am looking forward to reading a book you own but have never read and a book that was previously abandoned. The most challenging will be a book you previously abandoned (because there are QUITE a few!) and a book you’ve already read at least once (because I very rarely re-read books!).

Overall, I am very excited to get started, because there is nothing I love more than reading and getting to mark things off of a list! 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone!


December Book Haul


Thank you Half Price Books!! HPB is my lifesaver on a regular basis and they always seem to have some great deal that I cannot pass up. Yesterday I was able to get 4 books for $14 which may not seem like a steal, but the top one is a new release.

November 9 is Colleen Hoover’s newest release and I have been itching to buy it since it came out back in November. Her last book, Confess, left me speechless, so I have high expectations for this novel. In this book, a boy meets a girl the day before she leaves to move across the country, but they spend the day together and have a strong attraction. They meet every year on the same day and the boy writes a book inspired by her. For some reason the boy’s truthfulness is questioned….

The Next Thing on My List is by Jill Smolinski, who is an author I have never heard of, but the premise of this book seemed sad yet inspiring plus it was only a dollar! Woman is in a car accident where her passenger dies. Somehow she gets a list of 20 things to do before turning 25 that the woman who died had written, so the woman sets out to accomplish all of the items.

Then Came You is a novel by Jennifer Weiner. I have only read one Weiner book and was not disappointed, but not wowed, but I have heard great things about her writing. This book is a drama about a college senior planning to sell her eggs, a housewife thinking of carrying another woman’s child, and a gold-digger who wants a baby for selfish reasons.

Goodnight Nobody is another Jennifer Weiner novel that I acquired for only a dollar. It is about a bored housewife with three kids who lives in Suburbia with nothing to do. A woman from the neighborhood gets murdered and the mother becomes extremely interested and ends up uncovering secrets and lies in their community.

Everyone Worth Knowing is a novel by Lauren Weisberger. I have never read anything by her, but enjoyed the Devil Wears Prada movie very much. This book is about a girl down on her luck gets a job at a top PR firm and her personal life and professional life start blurring together. Is having a fabulous job really worth it?

I cannot wait to dig into these novels!! 🙂